Saturday, 4 July 2009

Came across an old copy of mass appeal (issue9 back in around 2000) that tek pulled out from some dusty drawer and i practically creamed myself over the images of homemade pens and mops. I go mad for krink and grog and all the other shiny squeezy drippy products like anybody else, but basically yeh VANDALISM CAN'T BE BOUGHT OR SOLD. And anyways this shit is buff ting and takes is to a whole new level of drips and stains that no one else got part from whoever built that pen. So its definitely time for some bluepeter art attack style vandalistic fun-time arts and crafts on the kitchen floor.
Some top tips from the PegTek ink delivery systems workshop:
1.After we tried and tested the best was simply an old posca pen with the nib and funny inside cage bit removed, and then a new nib made out of the furry foam stuff from the inside of any runout permanent marker pen. leaks juice like a dream.
2. flip flops are a stupid idea when mixing inks
3. Nah i'm gonna stop at three otherwise i'm gonna end up writing a whole essay on all the variables of pen making. Just get experimental and make some mess on some walls like.

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