Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cant imagine anyone but us reads this blog anyways so if thats aiite wiv you im gonna chat shit for a bit...

You see i've been havin some serious advenchahs and whether or not they're worth imparting to everyone and noone (which is what i think blogs generally do with information) i'm gonna impart that shit anyway. So yaaarhs, woke up after carnival and decided there wasnt much point in hangin around so caught a boat to spain with this glorious sepia toned vision that i'd walk straight into a vinyard and they'd give me work for a month picking grapes and getting a tan.
HA HAA HAHA HAHAHAAAAAAAAA HA HA AAH AH AHAHAHAH hahHAHA. erm no. if someone had tol me before that you can't do that work coz youz a girl, i would have told them to FHAAACK OFF. to fuck right off and go die a death somewhere underneath the processed meats in icelands freezers. But yo they would have been right. Pickin grapes is haarrd. And it weren't that i weren't prepared for that, but more that aaall the other grape pickers are morroccan men. And the hostals for temporary workers are like one big hall with 500 beds HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!! "soooo guys do you all mind jus lookin the other way while i go take a shower now?" erm no.
So the grape picking thang wasnt happening and hhhhaaactuly,, truth be said i got more options than ur average morroccan immigrant labourer, so i decided to try and make it to Barcelona where i got people who might jus hopefully take care of me. And in between the pueblos of la rioja and sunny sunny Barna i slept rufff for the first time ever, got bought baaare drinks by old men in bars,

made friends with the local yooot and discovered the wonderful qualities of calimoxo, threw up all over a train in zaragoza (yeh i mean painted but it was in the station yeh and coz i aint no hardcore train graffer i was soooo frickin scared my legs were proper shakin and it prolly did look like i jus vommed all over the train) but mayte that shit is fun. Then reached the beach and fell asleep on it. yeeeehs. After that loads more adventures and vandalism happened but most recently i jus got a ticket home for thirrrty euritos back to london town, so word to that.
stay up yeh
kiss kiss
gold peg xxx

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