Saturday, 22 August 2009


I just mistyped the address for this site  and this little beauty popped up Their last post is about Footballers Wives, the hilarity and genius of which is well worth reminding ourselves of...

Amazing things that happened in Footballers' Wives:
  • A pair of breasts being set on fire.
  • An hermaphrodite baby.
  • A nurse having sex with a man in a coma.
  • Lots of catfights.
  • A swapped baby being covered with fake tan to disguise the fact that he's not actually asian.
  • A dead body in a swimming pool.
  • Plenty of instances where the plot demanded the cast to be in the shower.
  • Death-by-vigorous-shagging-after-having-your-heart-pills -secretly-swapped-with-viagra.
  • Death-by-being-knocked-off-a-building-with-a-champagne- bottle.
  • Death-by-not-eating.
  • Death-by-being-mistakenly-shot-with-a-rifle-by-your- teammate.
  • Death-by-being-smothered-by-a-dog.
  • A gang of triads sticking a pet dog in a curry.
  • A distraught mother digging up her dead baby's grave with a champagne bucket.
  • Fake tan, spiked with Acid.
  • Voodoo witchdoctors.
  • Various themed weddings (Egyptian, fairytale etc...).
  • Joan Collins turning up in series 5, as a love rival to Tanya (above left), the show's greatest character.
  • A coke addict's nose falling out.
  • A hot air balloon crash landing into the lion enclosure of a safari park.

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