Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pixo - Roberto Oliveira

Daaaamn. Out of all the different movements and eras of graffiti, for me yeh Pixacao is undisputably the most pure and true and fahking amazing. you've all seen the clips of them scaling mad tall buildings and like five people all on each others shoulders. These kids get getting up, if you get me. But I like how its so specific to Sao Paolo, how do you get over in a city that is just massive tall blunt buildings? You develop this script that fits that shape, and scrawl it all up them. This documentary good, yous gonna have to learn portuguese if you want to understand fully what they chattin about but its still worth watchin, at the end they all bomb some art foundation and there's this woman whos just screaming NOOOOOOO! giiiiiit ouuuuuut you saaan of a whoooore!!!!! i want to watch it proper

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